10 Questions Every Home Inspector Should Answer

​​When buying or selling a home, having your home inspected should be top on your list.

For sellers, it's important to know your home's merits and defects so you can set the right asking price, and repair those items that will boost your home's value.

For buyers, it's especially necessary to know potential problems before it's too late and you've committed to the transaction. Buyers should be present during the home inspection to learn more about the home. Once the inspection is completed, they should ask their inspector the following questions:

  1. What is the condition of the outside walls?

  2. Does the roof show any signs of damage or leaks?

  3. Is there any evidence that the foundation has cracked or settled in a way that could compromise the stability and structural safety of the home?

  4. Does the property around the home slope away from the foundation properly to prevent flooding or accumulation of standing water?

  5. What is the condition of the heating/cooling systems in the home.

  6. Is the electrical system wired properly and functioning as it should? Are there any safety hazards that need to be remedied?

  7. Is the plumbing functioning properly. Are there an signs of leaks?

  8. Does the home show any evidence of mold, pests, vermin or wood-destroying insects?

  9. Are the garage and laundry room properly ventilated?

  10. Are all appliances and systems properly installed and operating the way they should?

Home inspectors are trained to notice even the most minute details that even experienced homeowners might miss. Home inspectors are unbiased and will point out everything from the smallest issues to the most alarming red flags.

Review your home inspection report carefully, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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